C1-Russia Empire

Monday 4th-7th December 2023

  • Czar (Tsar)- A male emperor of The Russian Empire

  • Slavs- a member of a group of peoples in central and eastern Europe speaking Slavic languages.

The Russian Czar, Peter the Great-Wikipedia
The Russian Czar, Peter the Great-Wikipedia
  1. Russia’s birth: The Russian history or Russia’s birth came from the east Slavs. The first people to live in Russia is Cimmerians, which the Scythians started ruling the place after 700BCE. The first czar of Russia is Ivan the terrible or Ivan IV.

  2. Kiev: It is the current capital of Ukraine, which was probably founded in the 6th or 7th century by the king of Rus, or King Rurik. He conquered and started the kingdom of Kievan Rus, which both Belarus and Russia’s name came from it.

  3. Mongols: The Mongols are the ruler of Russia for about 200 years from 13th to 15th century. The Mongol khanate are the most common influences on modern Russia culture, and the history of the Golden Horde, led by Batu Khan. The Mongols contributed to trading.

  4. Russia Breaks Free: It is just the independence of the Russia Empire from the Mongols in 15th century. The most significant event was taken by Ivan III or Ivan the Great, who refuses to pay the tribute for the Mongol Khanate, or just refuses to pay taxes in modern language. This marks the end of Mongols ruling the land and the starting point of Russia Empire. Even though Ivan the Great took the most significant event, but he is not the first czar of the Russian Empire, he was just the Grand Prince of Moscow. Really a Pity though.


Today, I learned the whole idea of the Russian Empire, some information about the czar and primarily introduced to the feudal system. The total rating I am giving to myself is about 6/10, I can definitely do better.

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