• Implement- The act of trying to accomplish something like fixing starvation.

  • Propaganda- The act of trying to brainwash neither a group of people nor the civilians/subjects of a nation/empire. Or in other words, the government advertising.


What impact do you think the following factors had on the chances of revolution occurring in Russia?

  • Living and working conditions for people: The living and working conditions for people might impact the efficiency of the revolution, which is currently happening in Russia, while if the living conditions were bad, then people might die because of diseases or infections, same with the working conditions.

  • The 1905 revolution: This might also affect the efficiency of the revolution, leading to results such as soldiers shooting without permission, the tsar being blamed which was a good thing because more angry peasants would join the revolution.

  • The actions of Tsar Nicholas II: The actions of the Tsar led the revolution, or in short words, people hated him so much and hated the things he did that they were starting to rebel.

  • The First World War: The war led to more poverty, economic crisis, food shortage, and the impression to the current tsar which led the revolution.

  • Food shortages: People didn’t have food, they were dying.

Source Work

  • What is the contrast between Source A and Source D? In my opinion, I think it is not necessary for us to explain the contrast, but what we should really understand is about Source D. It explains the whole idea of Capitalism and also explains Russia before Soviet Union (The Romanovs Era as I remember it), which the upper class do literally everything you want for you and will leave the poor stuff to you just like working, while they enjoy good food, they enjoy “playing” with the peasants (surfs), they enjoy shooting them… which is literally the feudal system in the whole Romanovs Era.

  • What is the message of Source D? The message is clearly the upper class enjoy while the bottom class do everything for the upper class that includes blood and sweat (except for partying).

  • ‘The February Revolution of 1917 was a direct result of the First World War.’ Do you agree? Explain your answer using the sources and your own knowledge. Well, I don’t think it is necessary to look at the sources, but I agree that the February Revolution impacted WW1, the reason in my opinion is that they don’t have a leader during the time. If I’m not wrong the February Revolution, the people forced the tsar to abdicate his throne, which resulted in no leader during the short term, which led to nobody controlling the war.


  • It seems like the “Red Army”, or the communists were having a war with the Army controlled by Religion? I am not sure about this image since I don’t know about the white army, but it also seems like everything is industrializing which the religion is probably “having its last breath” by the time.


After this class, I can (not fluently) talk about the Russian February Revolution and October Revolution that happened in 1917, even though I should fluently talk about it, but I think it is enough for one lesson. I will give myself an 8/10 since I should understand more and do the work faster, because it also took me about 3 days to finish everything.

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