C2&3- Rulers of Russia

  • Boyar- members of the highest rank of the nobility in many Eastern European states.

  • Serf- Like slaves, or slaves in the Feudal System.

  • Westernization- Westernizing Russia, making the country more Modern.

See Think Wonder

I see a man wearing a red hat, with some metal pins on his hat. He got a lot of beards, and some white stuff around his neck. He is looking at his forward right side. On the background, there are Russian noble building, with red as the main theme. I wonder how his role perform in Russia. I wonder how old he is. I think he is a czar of The Russian Empire.

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan the terrible is the first czar of Russia. He took place when he was 3 years old in 1533. Although his name is unofficially Ivan the Terrible, the terrible from the old language is translated as “fearsome” and not the terrible we use in modern communities. Russia was divided into multiple kingdoms in his times just like Moscow before when he became 16 years old, when he came up with the title “Czar (Tsar)” of the whole Russia, making the whole mess into one kingdom. He took full control, or he made the country “Autocracy” and conquered some of lands around the kingdom and turning Kingdoms into Empire. Surprisingly, he is still the longest living leader of Russian History

Peter the Great

Peter I, or unofficially Peter the Great, making Russia a European Power nation, is the czar of Russia starting from 1682 when he was 10 years old. He is the czar who westernizes Russia, unlike Ivan the terrible. He also gains many military victories such as Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Sweden which gain many territories in his trial. He created a new capital called St. Petersburg which still, is one of Russia’s Metropolis this whole time from the time he created to modern communities. He established educations for young, such as School of Medical, school of Navigation, School of Engineering and Mathematics. He bought some academic leaders from the west to Russia, and making Russia Revolutionary by the time when he introduced the “Beard Tax” which persuade Russian Men to shave their beard which is weird in my opinion.

Expansion of Russia

Occurred mainly in 17th Century, including the first Russian colonization of the Pacific, the Russo-Polish War, and the conquest of Siberia. Just like the title, this event expands Russia which surprisingly led by Ivan the Terrible.

Establishment of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great and became the capital of the Russian Empire in 1712. The city grew rapidly, surpassing Moscow in population and industrial growth. By 1765, the population was 150,300, and by the end of the century it reached 220,200.


This class, I learned things about The feudal system, a bit. And also learned about Peter the Great, St. Petersburg, Ivan the Terrible, and the great Expansion of Russia. I will give myself a 9/10, since i need to check more about Ivan the terrible.

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