C5-the 1850s


  • Industrialization-The development of industries in country or a region in a wide scale.

  • Bourgeoise-The social class of Marxism, normally the business owners and merchants.

  • Proletariat-Workers and working-class people in Marxism.

  • Strikes-The act of destroying something or the act of rebel.

  • Trade Union-An organization associated with workers to trade.

  • Bolshevik-Former name of Communism.

  • Menshevik-Member of not Lenin lead of the Russian social Democrats party.


  • Research and report on the Trans-Siberian railroad? How long was it? Why was it built? Who built it? Significance? The Trans-Siberian railroad built by Alexander III is 9288km. It marked the turning point of Siberia and opened a vast area of industrialize settlement and development. The other significance is that people can travel to Siberia easier.

  • Research Russo – Japanese war. Why were both countries fighting each other? How was the war fought? What was the result & concessions? Provide details. The Russo-Japanese war was mainly fought because of land increasement for Japan to the East Asia land. It is largely fought in sea, which the Japanese ended the war by convincing victory over Russia.

  • Research Rasputin – What makes him such a fascinating individual? Why would some people consider him to be a fraud? Rasputin is a mythical character. He is fascinating because for some instance, he knows how to use “magic”, people consider him to be a fraud because he is a good friend to the Romanovs which people thought he is controlling everything.

  • Photo Essay –Rapid industrialization was good economically but stirred discontent among citizens. Why did the two not grow together? Low wages, poverty, and child labor. Russia’s size made it literally impossible to go together, which the climate and transportation made it complicated.


In this class, I learned about Bolshevik and Menshevik. Also learned about bourgeoise and proletariat. I will give myself a 7/10 this time seems there are space for progress like exploring more details in those.

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