For China, I think that we are mainly communism, but according to the land, we have private lands which can be a bit of socialism for the land area because when you bought an house, the land you house located in is your land, which you can keep it even when the government wants to demolish the house for reasons like building new houses or public transportation. But you got minimal rights on the land. Which if you found gold under your house, either you come up evidence the gold is yours or you MUST give it to the government. But just like DPRK, China propaganda to the world that the country is capitalism, we even have a voting system to pretend but it is for all the communists, and it is literally useless. So, if you put the amount of the three ideas in a pie chart for China, then I guess communism got the biggest share in the whole system, about 90%, socialism got 9.9%, and capitalism got 0.1%.


In this class, I understood what Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism is. I did some analyzing for the China Political Idea. I will give myself a rating of an 8/10, I can do more but I think this is enough for this class.

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