C7&8-Lenin & the Rise of Communism


  • Opposition-The act of being in the opposite side for an idea.

  • Disrupted-The situation for a place or an object is being destroyed.

  • Influenced-The situation for someone or something getting “affected” by something.

  • Expelled-An act when you get kicked out of school or organization.

  • Union-A group.

  • Regime-A word for “Political Power”.

  • Casualties-The people dying or being hurt typically in a war or a disaster.


The political cartoon seems like a small guy versus a big fat rat. The rat is about 3 times taller than the person, but the rat seems like it is dying, full of bandage and blood is dripping down. There is a sign saying for the championship of the Far East. On the glove of the man, you can spot the word “Japan” on it and the word “Russia” on the pants of the rat. The meaning of the political cartoon is probably “A small country Japan defeated gigantic Russia, which should’ve won because it is 3 times bigger than Japan.”

About Lenin

Lenin can fit in the category Dissident Elite from all the knowledge I know from him. He is a Bourgeoisie which is the middle class, which can fit in the idea because dissident elite is powerful men trying to revolt on the current subject. He is the leader of the soviets from 1917-1924, and he made Russia and one-party country which is Communism.

Famous and Infamous

Lenin is Famous because he is the leader of the Russia Soviet from 1917-1924, and he led the Bolshevik party to Russian Republic during the October Revolution.


This class, I learned some new words about the Russian Revolution, understood who Lenin is. I still want to learn more though, but I personally think it is enough for this class. The final score I will give myself is a 7/10

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