C9&10-War and Revolution

Work 1

Marx through that the workers can create a better society because they can work together and the projects or the work all the individuals done can add up to a very good result.

Work 2
  • Karl Marx was a communist, this meant that he believed… a classless society where people produce things together.

  • The Tsar lost power because… the people were not happy with him because of poverty, starvation, and lack of rights.

  • The provisional government lost power because… they made too much mistake in the past which made them unpopular to the workers or the industrial class.

  • Lenin took power, he wanted a communist country where… people work together as a group, and they produce everything together as a group where no class or feudal system was contributed.

  • Other countries feared and distributed Russia because… they contributed to WW1, and the new communist concept and the new government scared them.

Work 3
  • The Russian communists were afraid of the western capitalist countries because they were mainly afraid of losing power and, they thought the western capitalist countries were not working together, which caused them to dismantle.

  • The Western capitalist countries were afraid of the Russian Communists because they were afraid of losing rights, which the key point to communism is that people work together, they all got the same number of rights, while the people who got that idea must be a rich person or some type of government body.

  • Dissident Elite- Lenin, Duma

  • Mass Frustration- Starving, poor, Rasputin, Romanovs, War, No Rights.

  • Shared Motivation- Strike, War, Organize, Protest

  • State Crisis- People starving, Poor, Corrupt, War


Today, I learned the Dissident Elites, the Mass Frustration, the State Crisis, and the Shared motivation of the Russia Empire. I also learned the idea of provisional government. I will give myself and 6/10, like I finished the work too late.

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